To the Birthday girl… Beth Bishop!

I had the honor to work with Beth about six months ago. She is an amazing actress and a wonderful model… she’s kind of a big deal :-). First of all, I just looooved the concept for this shoot. We were able to get in the Lyric Theater, in downtown Birmingham thanks to Amy. For those not very familiar with the place I can tell you that is amazing. There are so many places inside to shoot it’s ridiculous. There is a caveat: The place is almost in ruins in renovation and there is  lead paint and probably asbestos dust everywhere 😉 (j/k)

Needless to say Beth was a trooper, a professional model committed to the shoot and that was awesome! You can many of the images in the website, mostly in the backgrounds and in the portfolio, but below are some of my favorites. (So many it took me like an hour to pick the best)


EDIT: Actually Beth’s birthday was now yesterday but anyway, here’s the cake with the candle!
Happy Birthday!